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It really is heartbreaking to learn of Robin Williams’ passing, but heart wrenching to know it was likely suicide. I have followed his struggles over the last several years as he battled addiction and alcoholism, depression, and health issues, but this is just devastating. As someone who has experienced these problems personally and in those closest to me, it is a very harsh blow and a very strong wake up call because all too often, those who laugh the loudest, and love most passionately, are the ones who are dying inside and need the most help. And all too often, those who have overcome such major struggles end up relapsing in the end. Many people will judge Robin for his actions this morning, but I will not. I will simply hang my head in sorrow and remember what great entertainment he brought us all. Robin Williams was a voice, a face, a personality that touched people across the world, he brought us joy, he brought us tears of laughter, he brought us memories, and for that, I thank him. Tonight, many of us will mourn Robin Williams the actor and comedian, but tonight, I mourn Robin Williams, the troubled man with a big heart. May he rest in eternal peace. Carpe Diem.


important things to remember

  • if someone doesn’t reply to your message they are probably busy, not ignoring you
  • just because someone doesn’t message you first, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you
  • if someone seems upset or distant they probably aren’t upset at you in particular
  • lots of people love you and you’re not annoying
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